Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello to all.
A quick update. Faith is finishing up a four day and three night conference in Câmpina, Romania on working with attachment disorder children. She and all the houseparents will be coming home this afternoon. It is about a six hour drive home threw the windy roads of Romania. Please pray for safe travels on their way back.
While mom was away dad and the kids had fun eating homemade stuffed pizza, movie night with the fouts kids with more pizza, and sledding. We had so much fun sledding down the mountain. Levi was called the crazy because he took the round saucer down from the top. He only flew off the sled twice. His story is he hit the ground so hard he cracked the ice and got mud on his hat. No need for concern, he only slid across an open patch of ground created by other sledders that had crashed. We all had so much fun, even Chloe went down from the top, but only with dad as the driver.
She only screamed the first time because snow flew in her face, but after that she was tirelessly demanding to go again without a pause in-between climbs.
Mihai had fun with a few runs, but enjoyed watching most, that is until he got cold. If you know him, he does not like the cold. Well, needless to say we had a blast!!!

Thank you so much to all who support us through prayer and financially. We pray that the Lord would bless you, and thank Him for you daily. We are serving the Lord together, and it is important to remember that we each have our special part that the Lord has called us to do. Thank you so much.
If you wish to support us through financial contributions you may do so by sending a check to: Calvary Chapel Boise
123 Auto Dr.
Boise, ID 83709
Please make checks payable to: Chapel Missions Romania
On a sticky note or separate paper please be sure to put for Chris and Faith Anderson
This is very important as there is another Anderson working in Romania.

Serving in Christ Together,
Chris, Faith, Levi, and Chloe Anderson